Part 4: Honfluer and Trouville.


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The Trip

This episode is a continuation of our tour of Honfluer after lunch.  After Honfluer, we headed to Trouville along the coast.

The photos below are what we saw.

Honfluer is an old town with narrow streets.

Odd passage between buildings.

Most of the buildings had storm shutters.

A carved cow skull for sale in a tourist shop.  This would look good on Thor.

This antique auto passed us on the street.

The old watch tower near the harbor.

This intricate device is a block for the storm windows and it used to hold them open.  Note that it rotates on a pin.

The new harbor watch tower.

The bridge at Honfluer that allows passage over the harbor to points north.

Michele is shopping for local cider.

The narrow streets provided an interesting, old world effect.

A private home we spotted en route to Trouville.

The road to Trouville provided a view of the beach area.

Homes near the road to Trouville.

The Trouville casino dominated the downtown landscape.

The Trouville boardwalk was actually that - boards.

Summer apartments at the beach.

Looking north toward Honfluer.

The Honfluer area had a large container handling capability.

Yet another odd small car we spotted.

Abandoned anchors seem to make good monuments to lost sailors.  The best part is that theft is not a concern.

Some of the locals go exploring for dinner.  They are likely seeking clams, oysters or mussels.

Low tide left the trawlers on the rocks in the canal.

Several of us felt we were near Angerville and the signs confirmed our feelings.

Our route took us over the rolling hills outside Caen.

A country home near the overlook point.

Tomorrow, we do a private tour of the D-Day beaches at Normandy.

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