Part 9: New Orleans French Quarter Sightseeing


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The Trip

We had a nice night and ate at one of the local restaurants.  Next morning, we decided to tour the French Quarter and see some of the local sights.  Along the way, we would get some lunch and later beignets .

From NOLA, we head east into Mississippi and to the start of the Natchez Trace trail.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Cemeteries are one of the most enduring icons of NOLA.  Cemetery #1 was on our walking path to the French Quarter, so we stopped in for a look.  Some of the monuments were in better shape than others.  At various places in town, we saw solicitation for money to help preserve the cemeteries.

There were all manner of crypts from the plain to the gaudy.

As you can see in the sign, this cemetery was the first one constructed.

This monument was big and totally out of context.

The weather had eroded many of the inscriptions so they were not legible.

Key crypts had bronze plaques identifying their contents.

The iron work is original.

Many of the crypts had their identification plaques replaced as part of the restoration effort.

From the cemetery, we headed into the FQ.

Most of the FQ is devoted to providing food and liquor to tourists.  But, some of the buildings actually had living spaces upstairs.

This portion of the city is quite old as the sign above shows.

This is the FQ police department facility.

Across the street was the Louisiana Supreme Court building.

A spotted this signed painting in an antique shop window.  If my memory serves me, this is from a Pink Floyd album jacket.

An interesting sign on Royal Street.

As we were looking at the NOLA-PD building, several cops came riding by on their Segways, but I could not get a photo because they were too fast.

The Supreme Court building had a nice marble facade.

Many of the buildings had intricate iron work that was original.

These railings were particularly intricate.

There were plenty of interesting shops on some of the side streets.

We went to Jackson Park to see what was there and to get a carriage ride.

The statue was in good shape and free of bird droppings.

JAX brewery, one of the icons of NOLA.

We took a carriage ride to allow us to see a bigger portion of the FQ than was possible via foot.

We passed the famous Cafe Du Monde.

An early casualty of the festivities.  Actually, I think this fellow is a local based on his dress.  It was possible he was suffering from a medical emergency, but we did not stop to check.  Since he chose a doorway in a shaded area, we assumed that this was a place of his choosing.

On the way back to the RV park, we passed this sego palm in bloom.  We have this type of palm in our front yard, but none of them have bloomed yet.

NOLA is always a good time once you get past the sleeze factor.  There are plenty of good restaurants and bars in the French Quarter and plenty of interesting people to see.  From NOLA, we headed east into Mississippi to start the Natchez Trace trail.

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