Part 12: Southeast MogFest 2012

MogFest Part 2: 20120519

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The Trip

The group had a reasonably sedate night and then met in the morning for another trail run.  We split into 2 groups.  Pat and Steve went to explore the harder trails and test the capabilities of his newly-purchased 406.  The rest of us went on an easier trail.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

We headed out on toward the trail and along the way we passed this sign.  The sign may or may not be true, but hopefully he will be preceded by the English teacher.

When we stopped so I could photograph the sign, I also got a shot of each of the trucks.  Above is Garret's 416

Bob's very clean 404 with new canvas top.

Cliff's 710 Pinzgauer.  Kathleen elected to ride with Cliff.

Bob's 1300L with Alaskan camper.

Just down the road we passed another odd sign. 

Garret was leading the trail run and took us to the top of Cross Mountain.  Cross Mountain used to be the home of a radar station that protected the Oak Ridge uranium processing facility.  Now, the mountain is the home of a set of commercial and amateur radio repeaters.  The facility on the right is for a local TV station.

On the path down from Cross Mountain, we elected to take a side trail.  The trail narrowed quickly and was choked by low-hanging limbs.  The limbs rapidly became an obstacle that we elected not to endure, so we turned around.  Above, you can see the height of the limbs relative to Bob's cab.

Bob's 404 got turned around without too much trouble.

At a rest stop, we spotted these fossils in the rocks in the cliff above the trail.  This fossil is the bark of an ancient palm tree.

While looking at the fossils, I spotted this frog in the grass.

We found this petrified wood in the detritus of the cliff.

Some of the flakes of rock had other kinds of leaves.

This fossil was yet another kind of leaf.

Further down the trail, we came upon an open area that allowed the trucks to get some exercise.  Garret attacks the hill with his 416.

He turned around on the top and backed over the upper berm with no difficulty.

Further down the trail, we got a nice view of the Oak Ridge valley.  Note that the kudzu is taking over the hillside.  Our camp is the open area in the center-right of the photo.

Back in camp, it was cocktail time.  At dusk, we spotted this brightly colored bird in the brush near our seating area. Later that night, we had a fire with coal that we picked up along the trails.  The bugs were not too oppressive, so it was a good night.

Next day, we headed back to Bob and Kitty's ranch for a much-needed maintenance stop for Thor.  Back at the farm, we completed our repair to the inside of the camper, changed oil, filters, etc.  The splint was finally acceptable after 5 coats of paint, so we slathered it up with panel adhesive and stapled it over the wound.  The original corner covers were reused to minimize the visual impact of the splint.  Sad to say, but the repaired section is much stronger than the original component.

We had a great time with the southeast mog contingent. 

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