Charleston, SC Road Trip

An opportunistic road trip with friends to see the "Old South"


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"Dakota" the Percheron

Dakota the Percheron draft horse showers before work.

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The Trip

It is interesting how things turn out.  Early in the year, I was wondering what we were going to do for entertainment in 2012 and was searching hard for things to do.  As fortune would have it, the year (so far) has been jam-packed with interesting things.  First, Death Valley, then skiing at Mammoth and then, after only 1 day at home, off to Charleston, SC.  Our friends Jim and Michele had a trip to South Carolina planned as part of a work-piggyback trip, and we were invited to tag along.  Having never been in this area before, we jumped at the chance to see some new territory.

Charleston, SC is billed as the quintessential example of the "old south" with old mansions and Civil War sites leading the hit parade.  To get a true perspective on the situation, we flew into town and then planned to hit the streets to see the sights.  As the schedules go, this trip was somewhat problematic in that we only had one day in the house after 2 weeks on the road and spring break was in fill swing making local accommodations rater scarce.  But, Kathleen prevailed and obtained a hotel close to or friends and we hit the bricks for some exploration.

Trip Details

The link table below contains links to the photos and dialog for each of the days of the expedition.

Links to Daily Adventures
Part Dates Adventure Locations
Exploring Charleston, SC and Ft. Sumter National Monument
Savannah, GA
Magnolia Plantation Visit
Charleston Walk-about



Not all that is interesting lives in remote locations.  Charleston, SC is a city filled with the charm and history of the Old South.  Savannah is very interesting as well.  Sure, there was a dark side to the Old South and indeed it was the starting point for the costly Civil War.  But, that history is part of the story and needs to be experienced to fully appreciate being an American.

Charleston has more than it's fair share of excellent restaurants.  We had good food at every place we ate, but the big kudos go to Magnolia on East Bay and to Mercato on Market Street.  Magnolia was pricey, but the food and service were impeccable.  Mercato was more reasonably priced and they did an excellent job at a much more reasonable price.  I would eat at either or both again.


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