Part 6: St. Thomas, USVI


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The Trip

Per their normal modus operandi, the ship traveled at night.  We left St. Croix and arrived at Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas Island, USVI the following morning.  Our plan was to do a brief trip around the island and see the sights.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Hurricane Sandy had already been through the western part of the Caribbean and we were getting some of the collateral weather disturbances.  It never actually rained on us, but it was overcast and you can see the rain squall in the distance in the photo above.

There were some very nice lodgings next to the water.

This hotel had a commanding view of the bay.

We mustered the group and boarded a shuttle but headed for Megen's Bay.  En-route, we passed through a small city park.

We passed this old warehouse that was mostly locked.  I assume that some of the locks had been broken by robbers.

At the crest of the mountain the driver stopped to allow us to take in the view.  The other portion of St. Thomas is visible on the horizon.

There were a number of small islands that were visible as well.

The tour driver told us that some of these islands were private property.

Below was a nice tropical beach.

There were some really nice places along the water.  This one has a pool on the 3rd story.

The truck next to us was selling coconuts and he use a machete to cleave them.  His son was in the back doing his English homework; topic of the day: declarative sentences.

Eddie and Kathleen hiked a bit further up the hill to a seating area.

We loaded up again and headed south to another viewpoint where we could see our boat.  Notice the smaller white ship next to the cruiser?  That is a private vessel.  Life would not suck if you had that much money to burn.

Visible on the water is the town of Charlotte Amalie.

There were plenty of sailboats anchored in the outer waters of the bay.  The white lines near the top of the photo above are waves crashing over a reef.

We loaded up again and headed back over the mountain to the north side.  As the highway came back down to sea level we could see more nice homes with great views.

When we finally got to the beach area we could see a large condo complex across the small inlet.

The beach was very nice with white shell sand.  The water was clear and there were many fish visible near the shore.

We rented chaise lounges and everyone headed into the water.

Jessica practices her floating technique.

Jessica is many things, but camera shy is not one of them.

I was contemplating something that was gnawing on my toes.

While the political ads are interesting (Mr. Callwood looks about 17 years old), the real reason I took the photo was the sign on the building for "Chicken Fried Latin Food".  I have not had it, assuming it is a style of preparation as opposed to the name of the business.

I am always whining about high fuel prices in San Diego, but perhaps it is time to shut up.

We returned to the cruise ship terminal and decided to eat lunch at Sr. Frogs.

The bartender was giving away free shots (cheap liquor, of course) but Marguerite decided to try it anyway.

The waitress saw my camera and offered to take a photo.

The staff insisted on including their branded logo to the photo.

When we finished what turned out to be a very mediocre lunch, we headed back to the ship for departure to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Tomorrow is the end of our shipboard adventure.  We had fun visiting the islands, but the initial 1700+ miles at sea were both a brow-beating and boring.  We are looking forward to being back on land again.

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