Day 3: Camp Mole to Camp Bratwurst

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The Trip

The night reasonably calm, copious tequila notwithstanding. In the morning, Team Roberto prepared more comidas Mexicanas for breakfast that even included some leftover mole.

Early morning produces great shadow patterns on the dunes.

Some good eats, comin' at ya!

Juan Carlos prepares tomatoes and onions for pico de gallo.

Mindful of our location and the pain associated with choosing a long path through the tundra, the team refers to maps to choose the best route.

The wind is starting to blow a bit stronger making disassembly of tents trickier.

S-curve razor backs.

The dark spot at the center of the photo above is Russ on his moto. These are big dunes.

Peaks of the rugged Sierra del Rosario are visible on the eastern horizon.

Roberto spins the wheels getting the G-wagon over the dune crest.

Matt comes over the crest with no issues.

We attempted to come up a very long, seep dune. The 1300 eventually stalled because I should have been in a lower gear. So, we set up for a winching to the top. That winch cable is heavy!

Ascending the slope with the winch. You can see how high the dune is by noting the size of the vehicles near the face of the dune. The trick to winching in soft sand is to put the truck in diff-lock and a low gear that matches the line speed of the winch.

Kai used his truck as the winch point and dead man.

One of the sad things about the Altar is that some of the locals are less than fastidious about their trash. On a high, remote sand ledge, we came upon this set of bottles and cans that had been discarded and subsequently scoured by the wind.

Roberto gets a trash bag to remove the bottles and cans. We frequently pick up trash left by others and ALWAYS remove our own. I just wish that others would do the same.

Russ had a blast on his moto (before it died) and was able to negotiate the steepest dune faces with ease.

More nice S-curve dunes to the east of our position.

Bratwurst on the grill was the meal for the evening.

Matt and Nancy's 416 is silhouetted by the setting sun. Note the vapor trail left by a jet on it's way to LAX.

With the exception of having to get winched up that really steep grade, it was a uneventful day. After we wolfed down the brats with beer and tequila, we sat by the fire and contimplated our trip through the tundra to El Golfo. The wind started to pick up a bit, and the morning was cold, but other than that, it was a nice camp. Tomorrow, on to El Golfo and our beach camp.

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