Part 28: Reno, NV to San Francisco


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The Trip

We visited several friends in the Reno area including a Colorado School of Mines fraternity buddy and a fellow Mogger, Chas. We met Chas for lunch to compare truck issues.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Chas has a very nice 1250L DOKA. Above, you can see the comparison of his rig and my 1300.

When we finished in Reno, we headed toward Grass Valley to meet up with Ron and Ethel who are also fellow moggers. When we arrived at their place, I spotted this fellow watching us from the trees above.

There were a lot of deer in the area as well. Above, we spotted this young buck. As soon as he saw us, he decided to walk away.

Ron and Ethel have a very nice 416 with an Alaskan Camper.

There were also a number of does and fawns in the area as well. Ethel was feeding them, so they were less skittish.

We left Grass Valley and headed for Sacramento to meet another mogger. Along the way, we stopped at the California State Railroad Museum in Old Town. They have an impressive collection of hardware including the million-pound oil-fired behemoth.

A number of the steam engines in the museum were fully restored to original condition.

In addition to older steam engines, the museum had several diesel locomotives.

External to the museum, there was also a nicely restored steamer.

The museum also has a turn-table to allow movement of their rolling stock in and out of the museum interior. Above, the turn table is in action moving equipment.

When we finished in Sacramento, we headed to San Francisco. The Bay Bridge was under repair so we were forced to take the northern route. Above is one of the many monuments to the automobile in the bay area.

From the top of the bridge, we had a nice view of the bay to the north.

Closer to Novato, we spotted another novel bridge. The center portion of the bridge elevates to allow ships to pass.

Soon we were at the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Despite the fact that the Bay Bridge was closed and other provisions had to be made for diverting traffic, the Golden Gate was not all that busy.

On the south side of the bridge, we got a nice view of the Marina District of San Francisco. We also got waves from some of the locals. Note the fellow at the bottom left of the photo above. His wave was caught only by chance.

The southern base of the Golden Gate bridge offered an unobstructed view of Alcatraz Island.

The traffic in the central portion of San Francisco was pretty heavy making driving the mog somewhat challenging.

We followed the signs for US 101 and it led us past the San Francisco opera house.

Downtown had a number of interesting abstract sculptures along US 101.

Kathleen found us a spot at the Candlestick RV Park right across from the ball park. It was windy and rather cold, but it served our purposes.

From the park, the radio towers above Golden Gate Park were clearly visible.

When I said that the RV park was across the street from the ball park, I meant RIGHT across the street. This is the view out the rear window of the mog.

We had a very nice time visiting old college friends and seeing the northern California mog contingent. Thanks to Rich, Chas and Ron for their hospitality. Tomorrow, our plan is to visit some other friends in the Mountain View area. From there, we will head south toward home.


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