Part 26: NWMF Part 2, Sheridan, OR


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The Trip

Part 2 of photos taken at North West Mog Fest (NWMF) 2009 in Sheridan, OR.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

One of the 6x6 Volvos down at the river.

Some of the folks swam in the creek since it was pretty hot.

Several of the vehicles went for a dip as well.

One of the Haflinger guys enjoys his rig.

Oops. Gladly, no damage was done and nobody was hurt.

A strap was tied onto the roll cage up high (for good leverage) and a small tug was applied.

This gal was driving during the roll and she mustered enough guts to get back into the driver's seat for the extraction. She does not own a mog, but was driving anyway. She did a good job getting the truck out.

The owner of the truck is in the passenger seat. The whole thing was an "easy out" and only took a few minutes. No damage done, only wounded pride.

All the vehicles at NWMF lined up and then did a tour around the big field raising great clouds of dust and causing me to sneeze endlessly.

A Volvo 6x6 and a VW synchro roll past our position.

A clean 416 DOKA rolls past.

Steve and Sharon's DAF-based expedition camper.

A Steyr 4x4 cargo hauler.

A nice 404-based camper.

Everyone lined up for a group photo. But, the group was so large I had to shoot it by row and even then sometimes I could not get a whole row in the frame at once. The young gal in the short skirt made a great roof ornament.

Twin Volvo 6x6s.

The bigger rigs were at the back of the stack.

Plenty of rigs to choose from, pick your favorite.

Another shot of the DAF expedition camper. Note that the living quarters are based on a cargo box.

Note the size of the DAF relative to the 4*6 rigs.

I never got a full count of the number of trucks that attended NWMF 2009. This line is all diesel-powered trucks.

The gas-powered rigs.

More gas-powered trucks.

G-wagons and synchros.

More VW synchros.

Haflingers and a tricycle.

The full group shot. Don't look for my 1300, MOGHEVN, it is not there. We were too lazy to break camp just for the group photo. How lame is that??

Kai discusses the upcoming liquor fest.

We had a great time at NWMF. Thanks to Jim and Emily Molloy, et al, for their efforts in organizing this event. It was nice to meet a number of folks that I had only exchanged emails with online so that we could put a face to a name. We left NWMF on Sunday pm and headed toward the Pacific Coast to resume our trip back to San Diego.


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