Part 29: MogFest Day 1


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The Trip

We had a heads-up about dates for MogFest, so we altered our trip plans to attend on our way back from our road trip. In the end, we had been out 66 days, so another few days of camping was no big deal. MogFest is the yearly SoCal meeting of Unimog enthusiasts. In addition to the "normal" Unimog folks, there were a number of Pinzgauers and other vehicles that attended. There were perhaps 120 folks that attended this 3 day event. I have attached attribution to those photos that I could, but if your name is not there, just remember that I have CRS disease and therefore cannot be held accountable. The photos below are what we saw.

Chas' super-clean 1250L.

Alan's FL70 tow vehicle. Very nice. Alan was the host for this event. Thanks, Alan, from all of us.

Alan's 406 trail tractor with my camper in the background.

A nice Volvo personnel carrier.

Mark's Altar-proven 1300L.

Ron's nice 416 with Alaskan Camper.

Terry's 416.

Kevin and Kirsten's 1300L.

Rob's 416 expedition camper with billion gallon fuel capacity.

Doug and Diane's 1300L with ambulance box.

Next morning, the group headed out for the hills. Above, Terry climbs a hill on the early part of the trail.

Kai's 416 in the lead.

Kevin and Kirsten await their turn at the hill.

The Pinzgauers and a VW Synchro were back in the pack.

Kai returns to herd the cattle, so to speak.

Dave's Supacat 6x6 carries a passenger.

Kevin finally gets a chance at the hill.

The group heads east. From the front: Kai, Terry, Alan and Kevin.

A nice 6x6 Pinz.

Matt and Nancy's Altar-proven 416.

The leaders stopped to regroup.

Once everyone was accounted for, we headed down the hill to the canyon mouth.

Trail Princess grabs a beer for the road.

We ascend another grade out of the canyon.

Note the folding and warping of the rocks. The Calico area was geologically active in the past and there are many faults.

Oh no, hub issues!! Kevin's front hub was leaking. The fording air pressure was disconnected, but it still was leaking. The cause was never found, but we did discover that the fluid level in the differential was a bit low, so that was refilled. In the end, Kevin and his wife left early due to the issues.

The first day's trail ride was nice. The wind was starting to increase, blowing dust around the camp and into people's eyes and noses; but it was tolerable. Just add beer and most issues go away. And that was clearly the case here.

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