Part 22: Ski Day at Hauser Lake


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The Trip

Making the best of a bad situation with the bad axle hub, Ben Palmer invited us to go with him on his mega-trick ski boat on Hauser Lake. Hauser is on the Missouri River and is very close to his home in Helena. The photos below are what we saw.

Ben pulled his mega-boat out of the garage and prepared it for trailering to the lake.

Nice hardware at the lake.

Nice software at the lake.

There were some nice, high-dollar houses on the lake's edge.

Once we got out into the main channel, Krista set up to wake board. Above, she shows the "concentration face" during the early phase of getting out of the water.

She is winning and coming out of the water nicely.

She is up and made it to the outside of the wake without difficulty.

The smile says that "life is good".

More of the "concentration face" as she crossed the wake into the pocket behind the boat.

Houston, we have a problem.

A full-speed face plant.

That hurt !! Nothing like a good old-fashioned face plant to make you question your sanity.

The rock formations that line the lake are dipped due to the uplift and folding that occurred in the area.

Note the parallel lines in the hillside. These are the result of slumpage of the soil overlaying the rock. Rather like wrinkles on your face, but the time scale is a bit different.

A view of the dam. This dam is used for hydroelectric power as well as flood control.

This fellow passed us. He is just chilling out on the tube.

Ben and Krista's son Nick.

Ben's buddy Simon had a cool boat. He owns the local wake board shop and was out with his wife and kids. We told him that we would be taking some photos of his sons on the wake board.

His youngest son gives us a show.

He was a good wake boarder and did many jumps.

Yet another well executed jump.

Simon's buddy was wake surfing on a board behind the boat.

This fellow was a pretty good surfer and was able to execute a jump with no rope.

Simon gives it a shot. His board is deep in the wake hole caused by the boat making it look like he is walking on water. Unlike some famous figures in history, I cannot walk on water. I can, however, turn wine into water.

Simon has this all figured out.

Simon called for the rope again to do some more tricks.

We had a great time at the lake. Kudos to Ben and Krista for taking us skiing. Hauser Lake is a nice place. Somehow, I suspect it is less nice in January. Tomorrow, the UPS gods willing, we will be getting our shipment of wheel parts and we should be able to repair the Unimog and be out our way.

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