Day 2: PIVEG Factor Visit, Communion and Party



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The Trip

The hotel that Roberto and Adriana found for us was very nice. Next morning, the plan was to go with Roberto to see the PIVEG factory, attend the communion ceremony and the party late into the night. The photos below are what we saw.

PIVEG is the family business. PIVEG stands for Pigmentos Vegetales (vegetables pigments). PIVEG produces natural coloring agents that are used in animal feed and for nutritional purposes. Recently, they have branched out into chili powders and flavoring agents. The photo above shows the main office.

The main office building is very nicely appointed with a beautiful atrium that even has a fountain.

As Kathleen and I always say "no trip is complete without seeing a Unimog". Above is Roberto's spare truck, a 416 with a centrally mounted winch and ground anchor. This truck used to be owend by PEMEX, the Mexican national oil company, and will need a little bit of work before it is trail ready.

A view of the reactor building.

The packing, storage and shipping facility is on the left. The bridge carries product from the reactors to the packaging unit inside the tall structure.

Note the palette of finished materials on the left.

Stainless steel reactor tanks.

Kathleen checks out the overhead plumbing. She looks hot in that hair net and mask.

The obligatory group photo. The hair nets are a hassle, but they are required to meet the ISO certification standards.

Grinding and pelletizing machines.

After completion of the plant tour, Roberto took us out to his chili fields. They had just completed the first harvest of the jalapeno, leaving about half of the chilies on the vine to ripen until they are red. Once they are fully ripe, the balance of them will be harvested, smoked and turned into chipotle. After the tour, we headed back to the hotel to get dressed for the communion ceremony at the church. After the ceremony, there was a mega-party and Rodrigo's house (Roberto's brother).

Adriana looks a bit frazzled since she had some many things going on. But, despite being stressed, she still looked beautiful.

The padre performs the ceremony. It lasted about an hour.

The happy parents look on as the ceremony is completed.

The obligatory group photo at the end of the ceremony. The three men in back are the hermanos Espinoza: (L to R) Francisco (Paco), Rodrigo and Roberto.

She doesn't look pleased. Perhaps it is my 300mm lens pointed in her face that she does not like.

Michelle and Carlos from San Diego.

Roberto's father.

Adrian is happy now that the ceremony is completed. Time to party.

This is the entrance to his father's place. It was very, very nice. He was very gracious to allow us to come into his home.

The party was held at Rodrigo's home near the church. This was a very nice venue with a huge enclosed yard and pool. Sadly, several of the many children that attended the party went for a swim, fully clothed. Needless to say, their mothers were not very happy about that.

The spa next to the pool.

The party tent is visible in the background. The tent was a great idea as it did rain early in the evening. But, the rain only lasted 10 minutes or so. Note the gazebo and the bird cages. The DJ set up his equipment in the gazebo. In addition to his position as an officer at PIVEG, Rodrigo raises and sells tropical birds and monkeys.

These blue parrots were very gentle and friendly until the kids starting teasing them. Then they started snapping when you came close to the cage.

One of the several types of monkeys that were being raised.

Kathleen and Adriana as she shows off the cake. The party was catered and there was so much food that I doubt that many had room for cake. They had table service for liquor. Mark and I made the mistake of tipping the waiter early in the party. He kept our glasses full all night and we all got very drunk. The gringo patrol petered out around midnight, but the local crowd partied until 0500. There were several hundred guests in attendance and they all had a good time. Thanks to the Espinozas for their great planning that enabled all guests to have fun.

Adriana in here native element. She warned us about her, tequila and an open mike. And she was right. She sang many, many songs and she has a nice voice.

We had a great night. We finally departed around midnight. Roberto, in his infinite wisdom, foresaw that we might be too drunk to drive and had his father's driver take us home. That was a good thing since I doubt that we could have pulled it off. I am not sure what the penalty for a DUI is in Mexico, but I am glad that we did not have to find out.

Tomorrow, we would head to the city of Guanajuato to see the sights.


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