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Returning Home After Two Years Away 

Trip Report:  20070505 through 20070512

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Sea Stacks and Drift Wood at Ruby Beach, WA on an overcast day.

The Trip

My assignment in Seattle was over. As most folks are aware, the weather in Seattle is somewhat less than optimum and having just spent 30 years in San Diego, neither Kathleen nor I could come up with a single good reason to stay in Seattle. So, we called the movers and shipped our stuff south. Our plan was to do a coast route return to San Diego and take as much time as required to get back. We had hard deadlines in that we needed to meet the moving truck with our stuff to direct the unpacking, but other than that, it was a clear schedule.

To do the full coast route, we took the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston and then traveled across Bainbridge Island to US 101. From there, the plan was to continue west, then south on 101 "for the duration", or until time ran out, whichever came first. If time ran out, we would bail out of the coast route and do a speed run south on I-5 (yuck).

The photos below are what we saw.


Links to the Daily Trip Photos
Sunday 20070506 Seattle to Quinault, WA
Monday 20070507 Quinault, WA to Newport, OR
Tuesday 20070508 Newport, OR to Crescent City, CA
Wednesday 20070509 Crescent City, CA to San Diego, CA



This was a long trip. The Pacific northwest is a nice place, but the weather, in my opinion, detracts from its interest for me.

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