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Train Trip through Canada and Alaska 

Trip Report:  20070803 through 20070815

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Steel Sculptures on Stephen Avenue, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Trip

My assignment in Seattle was over and Kathleen's assignment with Boeing on the 787 program was completed. So, given that we were both unemployed at the same time, what better to do than go on an extended vacation? As any group of working adults in today's business world knows, there is nothing more difficult than getting multiple time-off schedules to align. Since we were presented this opportunity by chance, we seized the moment and packed our bags.

We had an extensive trip planned that would take us to Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Vancouver, British Columbia; Anchorage, Alaska and finally to Fairbanks, AK. To make this trip different and special, we decided to take several passenger trains. We planned to travel between Calgary and Vancouver on the Rocky Mountaineer passenger train that traverses the full Canadian Rocky Mountain range. We planned to spend a couple of days exploring Vancouver and then fly to Anchorage, Alaska. From Anchorage, we would get on another train that will take us to Denali, AK at the base of Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinley), the highest peak in North America. From Denali, we would continue on the train to Fairbanks, AK to see our good friends Dan and Janet Johnson who recently moved from Indianapolis to Alaska.

This trip involved a lot of moving parts with many separate travel legs. We were on the move most days with our conveyances including planes, trains and automobiles..

The photos below are what we saw.


Links to the Daily Trip Photos
Friday 20070803 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Saturday 20070804 Downtown Calgary
Sunday 20070805 Rocky Mountaineer Part 1
  Rocky Mountaineer Part 2
Monday 20070806 Rocky Mountaineer Part 3
  Rocky Mountaineer Part 4
Wednesday 20070808 Anchorage
Thursday 20070809 Alaska Railroad: Anchorage to Denali
Friday 20070810 Flight Seeing w/ Glacier Landing
Saturday 20070811 Alaska Railroad: Denali to Fairbanks
Sunday 20070812 Jet Boat Trip in Fairbanks



Tomorrow, we head for the airport to fly back to San Diego. We had a great time. The weather was great and it was wonderful to visit our friends.

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