Oregon Caves

An interesting "wet" cave along the route.

Trip Report:  20060801

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The Trip

On the map, we saw that our route was taking us right by a place called Oregon Caves National Monument. So, on the spur of the moment, we decided to check it out. The caves were 30 miles up a narrow, twisty road to the south of the main highway. But, we like these kinds of roads, so we traveled with gusto. The cave complex was discovered by accident in the later 1800s by a hunter. The photos below are what we saw.


A great view of the cave.

Check this out.

Love this.


Cave cool.

People wrote in 1885 with a pencil.

More stuff.

Cave flow.

Cave flow. Brrr it was cold.

Great view in the cave.

Great column.

They touch. Yeah.

Some touch some do not.




Nice. Check it out.


View this.

Angel Falls.

Freenie in the cave.

Bill in the cave.

It was a great drive to and leaving the caves.


The Caves were great even though it was 42 degrees. We climed over 500 steps. Great viewing. I recommend it to anyone in the area.

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