Albion River

A great road trip up California Highway 1.

Trip Report:  20060730

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The Trip

The plan for the day was to leave Walnut Creek and head north to Redding, CA. But, as we discussed the plan, we decided to take Highway 1 along the cost rather than a speed run up interstate 5. So, we crossed over to the bay and headed toward a place called Dillion Beach, close to Tomales. This drive was beautiful, one of the best we have had so far. The color contrast of the trees with the golden grass was breath taking. The photos below are what we saw.

An interesting rock formation above Dillion Beach. As we were shooting this photo, there were ranchers herding cattle in the valley below with their pickup trucks. Sadly, they went over the hill before I could snap a shot.

A view of Tomales Bay with Point Reyes in the distance.

Dillion Beach, looking north.

We stopped at the Dillion Beach Cafe for brunch. The food was good, but the view was awesome.

The beautiful golden hills of the California wine country in Sonoma County.

A small bay visible from Highway 1.

Looking north from Bodega Bay. A rocky coastline and very cold water.

Sea birds on their way to dinner.

A rock with an arch eroded through it on the Sonoma coast.

An overlook of the ocean. Highway 1 is visible on the left.

There were some awesomely big houses in the hills near the cost in Sonoma. Here is a shot of the hills and a mini-castle to the left of center.

Some kind of cactus flower. I do not know the kind of cactus or suculent, but it is pretty.

This was possibly the best view of the day. This was north of Sea Ranch.

Just south of the Albion River. Note the driftwood on the beach.

The view from our room at the Albion River Inn. Note the lighthouse and fog horn on the island at the center.

A fisherman returning to port through the Albion channel as seen from our room at the hotel


We listened to the fog horn all night. 3 second blasts at 30 second intervals to warn the fisherman of the presence of the shoals and the rocky island.

We just stumbled upon the Albion River Inn. Here is a shot of the room.

Another view from the room looking south. Note the kelp in the water.

A llama across the street from the hotel.

The bridge across the Albion River as seen from the dining room at the hotel.

Sunset from the Albion River Bridge. There was no pedestrian walkway, but we risked being on the bridge anyway to get this shot.


Highway 1 north of San Francisco has to be one of the best drives around. The road is twisty which is great for our cars, although not so good for a motor home. The views were tremendous.

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