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A Walkabout in Downtown Seattle  

Trip Report:  April 17, 2006

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The Trip

While I was at work doing "work things", Kathleen took the opportunity to do a walking tour of the downtown area.

He is "the man" at SAM. SAM is the Seattle Art Museum.

A fountain at Harbor Steps .

A statue in the shape of the mathematical symbol Pi at Harbor Steps.

A view of Seattle harbor, complete with tug boats.

A view of Queen Anne Hill from the Harbor.

Alaskan Way Viaduct looking south toward Quest and Safeco.

Alaskan Way looking north.

Flowers near the Seattle Library.

Odd fountain outside the Seattle Library.

Fountain near the SAM. This was a 2 second exposure at f5.6 with the Epson.

Night view of Queen Anne hill from the harbor.

The port section of Seattle Harbor.


It was a nice, clear day. The temperatures were reasonable, but it got cold and windy after dark. I have been practicing using the rangefinder on night shots and have been pretty impressed with the performance. Particularly since no tripod was used. I only braced the camera on walls or newspaper boxes.

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