Seattle PiggybackTrip

A day trip to the Pacific Ocean at Ocean City, WA.  

Trip Report:  April 16, 2006

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The Trip

It only took one day to get bored, so we decided to take the rental car and head to the beach. From Seattle, the beach is about 150 miles away, south through Olympia, then west across the Olympic penninsula to Aberdeen, WA and then to Ocean City. We were pelted by heavy rains and strong winds most of the trip. But, when we got to Ocean City, we hit a brief window of clear.

A night time view of a portion of Seattle from the hotel window. This was an 8 second exposure at f5.6 ISO 200, hand braced on the window sill with my Epson RD-1 rangefinder camera.


South of Ocean City, WA in the state park. Note the plumes of smoke/steam on the eastern horizon. A photo of the source of that emission is at the end of this page.

Plenty of beach combers walk at the tide line. Note the large trees that are driftwood.

Kathleen inspects the flotsam and jetsam at the water's edge. Note the large driftwood logs.

A very large driftwood tree trunk on the beach.

Details of driftwood.

Part of the protected wetlands.

Rats with wings.

The tail end of the front that pelted us with heavy rain recedes to the east.

A very cool kit spotted at the beach. This is a ship with a twirling rudder.

Angry clouds atop an angry sea. The winds were strong and more rain was on the way.

Out for a Sunday stroll along the beach. Note the parka on the person at the left.

A knotted tangle of kelp, rope, fishing lines and driftwood.

Bill works the rangefinder camera.

The source of the steam/smoke seen from Ocean City looking east. This mill is in the town of Aberdeen, WA.


The beach area was somewhat uneventful compared to the areas around San Diego. And, due to the weather the water was churned up and muddy. And, I heard from the locals that in addition to being very cold water, the rip currents are very dangerous. All really good reasons to stay out of the water.

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