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An Ad Hoc Visit to San Diego Turns into a Great Vacation

April, 2006

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Research vessel passing nuclear aircraft carrier docked at NAS North Island. Coronado Bridge is in the background.

The Trip

I had a brief break from work over the weekend and we decided to get the posse together in San Diego. So, Kathleen flew from NYC and Jessica flew from Oakland and I flew from Seattle. Despite all the flying, we had a relaxing time.

Ah, San Diego in the spring. All the flowers in the front yard were in bloom.

One tried-and-true way to relax is on the lounge chairs in the backyard. Here Jessica prepares to show us her wound from crashing on her roller blades. You did not really want to see the bruise did you?

Kathleen relaxes in the shade.

We decided to take the M5 and head for Barrett Junction, near the border town of Tecate.

The Barrett Junction Cafe is a backwater sort of place, and is a frequent stopping point for bikers. But, they have a great fish fry that brings them in on the weekends.

Every back water place has a windmill. This one is complete with bullet holes in the vanes.

The 3 women in my life: Kathleen, Jessica and VECTORS.

The girls.

I had to eat my salad with a bad Elvis statue watching me.


Just another road-house.

Jess is pensive, pondering her contracting gig.

The girls give me a big smile.

Who's your Daddy now?

The weekend was totally low key, but we had a great time anyway. Next time, however, we will do something radical like take the jet ski to the bay.

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