Munich Piggyback Trip

Lions in the City  

Trip Report:  200606

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The Experience

We walked around Munich for several days and on interesting aspect of the city is the prevalence of lions. The lion is the symbol of medieval Munich and they have now been recast as a marketing tool. There were dozens of them in different poses and with different paint jobs. In German, lion is lowen (with an umlaut over the "o"). In America, we would have heard this word as part of Lowenbrau, which means Lion's Brew. The shots below are what we saw.















Not a lion. I think this is a counterculture statement. Or perhaps it is there to provide some food for the lions.





Not much to say other than every kind of paint job imaginable was done to these lions. The tourists loved them and clearly I did too otherwise I would not have taken these photos. But it was fun.

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