Munich Piggyback Trip

A short walkabout around the Marienplatz 

Trip Report:  20060612

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The Trip

When we got to Munich, of course we were pretty jet lagged. But, after a brief nap, there was still plenty of sunlight. So, we decided to go to the town center and see the sights. The center-of-the-center is the area called the Marienplatz. The shots below are what we saw.

It took me awhile to figure out why there were so many lions around the Marienplatz. Seems that the lion is the symbol of the recently past monarchy. So, there were tons of lions of various types around the city. Here is a great specimen, complete with psychedelic color schemes.

OK, so I admit that I am a car slut. On the way to the Marienplatz, we passed this Porsche Carrera GT. Well, more correctly, he passed us. As he should. In the US, this is a $350K car, and even more here in Europe with taxes and fees.

This was as close as we could get. When he lit up, the motor sounded like a mad bee. That V10 motor really rocks. 500hp in that small chassis makes the car pretty tough to beat on the track.

One of the towers near the Marienplatz.

Another tower with the Vodaphone store logo visible on the lower right.

Another spire visible from the Marienplatz.

Eric in the O2 store in the headphone display. They were selling music services delivered via the cell phone, exactly the service that we build for them.

A view of the street cafe scene. Note the big beers on the table. We "sampled" the local beer -- it is excellent.

The clock tower is one big SOB. Tons of intricate details in the stonework.

The figures behind the bird protection wire are part of the clock. They move when the clock tolls, several times a day.

One of the monuments in the Marienplatz plaza area.

Yet another lion. Some were in gaudy colors. Based on the makeup, this is a chick lion.

Towers of the main church.

One of the side streets off the Marienplatz. Tons of folks on the street on a week night.

One of the mass transit devices in Munich. These trolleys were new, clean and quiet. So quiet in fact that he nearly tagged us as he went by.

Another view of some of the towers and monuments in the Marienplatz as the sun sets and cast long shadows.

This whole scene seems odd to me. If I said anything else, I would be lion.

Here the crew is captured taking photos. L to R: Bill, Mike Todd.

Caught in the act: Bill, Todd, Eric, Mike. Note the umbrella with the Hacker logo.

We had some tasty classic Bavarian food at an outdoor cafe. Here, the folks are digging the soccer on the big screen TV.


We had a great walkabout. There were plenty of things to see in the Marienplatz but the soccer fans were pretty well mannered. There were some drunks singing, but other than that, things were calm.

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