Lincoln Center Freak Show

Views of the Local Scenery.  

Local Life Report:  20060507

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Reflections off of mid-town high rise buildings.

The Locale

Kathleen and I were back in Manhattan for a few days and decided to see some of the local doin's. There was a fellow named David Blaine who had encased himself in a glass sphere filled with water and planned to say inside for a full week. He had no food and better yet, no place to go to the bathroom. His "show" was called "Drowing Alive" and the finale was where he was to hold his breath for 9 minutes. Can you say "hypoxia"? The photos below show some of the surroundings on the way to this freak show.

Now that spring is here several things return to Manhattan (besides the smiles of the residents). First is leaves on the trees and the second is the sidewalk cafe culture. This is looking north on West Broadway.

One of the many sidewalk cafes in the area.

A zippy waiter leaves ghostly trails in the dimly lit cafe.

A self portrait through a cafe mirror.

Lots of folks gathering to see the man in the sphere. The sphere is on the right, and an attendant is on the ladder doing something to the hoses that enter the sphere. Note the moon above the flags. The dark spot to the right of the American Flag is a plane.

Here is David Blaine in the glass sphere. Note the lens effect of the buildings in the background.

Kathleen enjoys the sights.

Looking north from Lincoln Center.

The "Timesculpture at Lincoln Center".

Your standard horse-drawn carriage in Manhattan.

The drowning brough big crowds to Lincoln Center.

An entry portico to a church on 9th Ave near 50th Street.

Reflections of skyscrapers in a mid-town building.

Kathleen got this shot in the low light of a bar we stopped in to get a drink.

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