Bainbridge Island

A clear day prompts a road trip on the ferry


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The Experience

The weather had been crummy. Overcast, cold and snowy. The good news is that I was on travel in NYC. In NY, the weather was warm for fall, sunny and no rain. Kathleen was sending me videos of cars crashing into the curbs of the hill outside the apartment. When I returned to Seattle, the weather had cleared and the rain had stopped. The clear weather offered an ideal chance to check out Bainbridge Island. Bainbridge is served by the ferry line from downtown Seattle. The crossing is an easy 30 minutes plus the waiting in the queue for the boat. The photos below are what we saw.

The ferry boat is much bigger than I imagined. This boat holds perhaps 500 vehicles plus passengers.

The Seattle Fire Department's primary fire boat the "Chief Seattle".

Here is a view of the lower vehicle deck on the ferry. The ferry has 2 vehicle decks.

A nice view of the Space Needle from the bow of the ferry.

Clearing clouds afforded a good view of the snow covered Olympic Mountains.

Rats with wings and webbed feet. This one was relatively clean for a 'gull. Looks notwithstanding, they are evil.

An old structure in Port Gamble, circa 1880.

The Port Gamble general store.

Kathleen was cold as her garb would indicate. You gotta love the Russian hat.

There was a very big tree across the street from the Port Gamble general store.

The general store also had a shell museum .

Not all are welcome inside the general store. Here, 2 potential patrons chill awaiting their escort.


There is a nice steel bridge that joins Bainbridge Island with the Kitsap mainland.

Seattle port-side with plane on approach to SeaTac.

Cascade Mountains with the Space Needle in the foreground.

A nice view of the Bainbridge port with the Olympics in the background.

Moon, Space Needle and plane on final to Sea-Tac.

Giant port cranes march to attack Mount Rainier.

Moonrise over downtown Seattle.

This was a fun trip. I would not personally want to have to use the ferry on a daily basis, but Bainbridge was seemingly a nice place. Frankly, the traffic on the other side was quite heavy. I am guessing that it is because the ferry serves major portions of both Bainbridge and Bremerton, but who is to say.

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