Confluence 2005 Day 3: 22-1-2005

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From Confluence to Camp Bratwurst

Sunrise over the Pinacate Volcano as seen from the Confluence..

Hard, geometric pattern of the desert bushes.

Roberto's wife prepared breakfast for us that was chiliquiles, beans, tortillas and Mexican coffee.

Kathleen assists in loading.

On the road to the Sierra El Rosario.

Jose takes in the view.

Kai suffers a bad side hill, but did not get stuck.

Roberto buries the winch on a down grade. The boys in the blue truck drank a whole bottle of rum earlier in the day.

Kathleen is having a good time.

Frank does another snowboard run.

HUGE dunes at the north end of the Sierra El Rosario.

Shane, Kathleen and Mike take in the view.

Kathleen drives through the dunes.

We traversed the big dunes to get here.

Roberto nearly rolls. Note that the wheels were turned uphill as opposed downhill as they should be. I would bet that demon rum had something to do with this.

We set up for the rescue.

Bill was already hooked on, but the winch cable is needed to take the strain off.

At the base of Sierra El Rosario. There were dirt roads that were used as landing strips for smugglers. The army dug trenches to prevent the landings.

The Sierra was very rough. Note the caves in the cliff.

On the west side of the Sierra. Ocotillo in the foreground.

My 1300 casts a big shadow in the late afternoon sun. We move on to our last camp.

We encountered a tough hill on the approach to camp. We did get up without a tow.

Bratwursts for dinner, yum.

Our campfire, with bottles in the foreground.

Note the wine bottle on the lower left.

Slugging down the wine. Roberto gets drifty-eyed.

One of the early casualties.

The wind was good to us that night, it was clear, calm and wet.  On the next day, we head to the border and home.

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