Day 1: Tijuana to Guerrero Negro


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The Trip

This would be a long day of travel and would encompass 15 hours of travel and nearly 500 miles.  We started at 0530 from my house in San Diego and traveled to the border at San Ysidro/Tijuana.  From there, we took the "toll road" south to Ensenada.  From Ensenada, we went followed Mexican Highway 1 for a full day to the city of Guerrero Negro in the center of the Baja peninsula.  This was an arduous journey along a narrow highway with no shoulder and narrow bridges.  The good news was that traffic was light.

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 640 pixels wide.

This is the group vehicle shot at 0600 getting insurance before crossing the border.
From the left, Kai's 416, Mike's Toyota, Bill's 1300L, Dan's Dodge, Dan's 1550L.

At the first toll booth outside Tijuana.

The Coronado Islands as seen from Playas de Tijuana.

Horse carriage in Ensenada.

Cruise ships docked in Ensenada.

South of Maneadero, past checkpoint.

The beautiful Santo Tomas valley.

Mud holes in the road in San Vincente.

A roadside attraction.

Checking the alternator.  It failed for the whole trip.

Horses in the road, blocking traffic. Animals were an ever present hazard.

North of El Rosario.

Army fueling their ambulance in El Rosario.

Fueling the trucks in El Rosario.

Yucca in bloom, El Rosario.

Main street, El Rosario.

Cirios and cardon cactus north of Catavinia.

Cirio cactus.

Forest of cardon cactus near Bahia Los Angeles.

Cirios on the hillside.

Prior to heading to the restaurant, we checked into the hotel.  This was interesting since Tina had arranged for pre-paid late arrival.  The hotel had sold several of our rooms to other travelers even though WE had already paid.  We were able to resolve the situation, but it did nothing to bolster my confidence.  But, we did have rooms, so we headed for chow.  The guide books stated that the best restaurant in town was the Malarrimo, so that is where we went.  Since the party was 14 folks, it stressed the capacity of the seating.  But, despite the late hour, they did feed us and the food was good.

A welcome hot meal at Resturante Malarrimo in Guerrero Negro

Note the wine choices on the far wall.

Katie Bennett "before" the broken arm.

When we had finished our dinner at the restaurant, we headed to the hotel to retire for the night.  Sadly, most of us were kept awake by the barking dogs which started at 0430.  After a very, very long drive the night before, this was a cruel joke.  But, somehow we survived.

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