Whistler Ski Trip

December, 2001

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We had an offer to go to Whistler, BC Canada with our good friends Bob and Lois Means.  How could we say no?  The basic plan was to fly to Vancouver, then get a private shuttle to Whistler.  Along the way, we would stop to see the bald eagles near one of the local rivers.  Once in Whistler, we would ski for 4 days then fly back to San Diego.  The trip went off without a hitch, some small glitches in the weather notwithstanding.  Since it was early in the ski season, the snow was a little sloppy.  But, there was plenty of snow and with the exception of the lowest regions of the slopes, the conditions were good.

The Photos

Vancouver skyline.

From a brief stop, looking east.  Note the mountain of sulfer awaiting a freighter. One is loading on the left.

A big bridge from Vancouver to the mainland.

Bald eagles from a road side view point.  There is one sitting on the log in the river.

Early morning on the slopes at Whistler.  Looking to the southwest.  Note the deep shadows.

Beautiful, rugged peaks near the ski area.

Fog in the valley.

Note the carved statues at the entrance to this hut and the poma tow in the background.

The top of the mountain.

The mid-way lodge.  Pretty nice, but frequently crowded.

A great view from the lodge to the southwest.

Kathleen in her finest ski wear. Cold, but having fun.

Bob Means bundled up against the cold.

Hoar frost on the upper huts.

Hoar frost and fissures in the upper peak.

One of the peaks to the south.

The weather was pretty cold, but it was not windy and quite clear affording great views of the surrounding peaks.

A final look at the cloud covered valley looking to the west.

This was an excellent ski trip.  Getting to the ski area was somewhat arduous.  Whistler is one of the better, if not the best ski area we have been to with respect to accomodations.  We stayed 100 meters from lift and there were a large number of excellent resturants on the pedestrian mall in easy striking distance from the hotel.  Ingress and egress was pretty easy, although it was a pretty substantial drive from the ski area to the airport.   But, the food was excellent and the resturants were eclectic.  There was all manner of pacific rim foods (including Chinese, sushi, Thai, etc.), classic continental italian, steak, etc.  Good eating without the requirement to have a car.

We will likely go back to Whistler, but later in the season when the snow is better.

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