Altar Dunes Day 5 11/08/2000

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El Gulfo de Santa Clara and the Beaches

When we completed our night of the shrimp pig out, we headed back to El Gulfo.  The plan was to get fuel and any other necessary supplies and then go back to the big dunes and complete the crossing from south to north.  The trip back to El Gulfo was uneventful.  I rode the quad and Kathleen drove the mog by herself.  As we proceeded along the beach, we came upon a shrimp boat at work.

As we proceeded to the west, the bluffs reappeared.  We took the beach route and were able to maintain good speed through the deep, soft sand.

After completing our chores in El Gulfo which consisted attempting to get diesel at the Pemex (the truck still had not come) and reloading the quad back into the 1300, we headed up the black top looking for a wide spot in the road called "El Doctor".  We were on the road for 15 miles or so and then headed to the northeast, back into the dunes.  At the turnoff, we had broad views of the mouth of the Colorado River and the salt flats and tidal marshes that flank it.  There is substantial sea life at the mouth, so we saw many fishing boats.

A view from the turnoff to the southwest over the salt marshes to the Sierra Juarez.  The tallest peak on the skyline in the photo below is 10,000 feet in elevation.

After leaving the highway that returns to San Luis, we traveled over the tundra for about 10 miles before we reached the big dunes again..


As darkness fell, we made Camp 4.  This camp was in a hard pan valley sheltered from the wind.  As we were waiting for dinner to be cooked, we decided that it made sense to complete the repair of my bad tire.  There was sidewall damage, but I had 5 new tubes in the truck.  It only took 3 times to get it right.  First, we installed the tube with the stem in the opposite direction.  When it was filled, it ripped under the pressure turning the tube useless without repair.  Next, we got another tube in correct and even got the sand out of the tire before filling it.  Note the sheet that we are using as a work area.  This was a great idea, but it would have been better if we had noticed that the sheet was caught in the rim of the wheel when we inflated it.  One more deflate/inflate and we would have a winner.  Below, 5 drunk guys attack the problem.  The yellow bag is the factory packing for the new tube.

"Oh, shit.  You mean that we have to do it again?".

The balance of the night was uneventful.  The following morning, we had bacon, eggs and pancakes.  They were great.  Kathleen, however, got a light case of the "turista", so was not interested in food.  Indeed, she was interested in "inverse eating".

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