Glamis, CA Unimog Trip

November 1998

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There is nothing on this planet that will do a "reset" faster than a trip to Glamis, California.  Glamis is the self-proclaimed "Sand Toy Capital of the World".  It is true.  Acres of motorhomes, tricked out jeeps, sand rails, quads, dirt bikes and every other kind of motorized vehicle known to man.  My buddy Kai Serrano organized a loose confederation of folks to go there in November.  All the invitees had Unimogs, with the exception of Mike Bennett from Fresno (a Toyota guy), and he came as a ride-along.  The photos below tell the story of motorized excess.

The Photos

My 1300L Unimog.

Kai's (now sold) 406 Unimog.

The Domino's Pizza 406 Unimog.

A sea of trucks, jeeps and quads.

More people than you can imagine; mostly hanging and getting drunk.

Quads and bikes going up competition hill.  Note the sand trails. Drunk people on quads.

A sea of people and high priced hardware.

Frenetic activity.

Kathleen takes it all in.

Bill and Kai watch the action and have a few cold ones.

The mogs line up for a group shot.

An odd vehicle encountered in the dunes.

Wimpy compared to the 1300.

Mike Bennett checks out the controls.

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